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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Brand XMZ Gen X Millennials & Gen Z 3.8 billion Strong

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We are H-TEQ INT Brand XM Products and services of generation X the millennials and Gen Z we are the only company in the world created to support the development and growth of generation x millennials and Gen Z the only company that invest only into these three groups. we offer a membership we call the constant companion this membership can be excessed through your cell phone or any other device that allows network excess. The constant companion member is 39.99 and creates one-member trust accounts these accounts vest in 18 months. The membership will provide agency in all areas mentioned on the site as new services become available agency will be extended to those services. H-TEQ does not spend millions of dollars per year on marketing because our members promote the company for 10% finders' fees for all referrals signed up. The referral fee will be payable 30 days after the new member signs up and end 30 days after the membership is cancelled. Any member that can bring 10 referrals their membership will be at no cost as long as the membership is active.  Definitions: Agency: "Represents your interest"  

Members will have excess to all shows hosted by Mr. Robinson and the other show host, any paid event members will receive 20% discounts, all members in good standing will be entered into a prize contest whenever they attend live shows or events. we will offer other contest with many ways to win at our live events for members non-members will have special incentives for attending our live productions. We will offer 1 day, and 3 day passes for non-members when a non-member is on the platform H-TEQ INT will provide agency, non-members will not be in trust. Members will have discount professional services as services come available members will be notified by email or text, H-TEQ INT is also a media company members can sign up for our streaming services at a 15% discount all of the membership discounts can be at time of purchase or maybe held on account for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and will gain interest.

All level Memberships have a 60-day money back guarantee less the 15% finder's fee if applicable any member that cancels their membership will forfeit their finders' fees after 30 days.
H-TEQ INT The only membership in the world where you go from member to owner in 18 months. Own you future join H-TEQ INT
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Mission Statement:

"Our commitment and contributions are to deliver the highest technology and customer caring, to be a guiding light a roadmap for young people
and to grow our business by developing people and communities."

Member Trust Benefits:

Vested members: Beneficiary Benefits Vested members get credit assistance if the member has an income, we will guarantee up to 40% of incumbency for Car loans, personal loans, mortgages, business loans, and more other benefits include income assistance we will allow these members that maybe falling behind in their bills to work from home to supplement their income until they have at least 90 days bill money saved. They will be eligible for grants; all vested members can also create a retirement account within the trust. Comprehensive medical insurance will be available at an affordable rate. Vested member children will receive help with college of trade school opportunities, discounts on professional services. Open for popular demand funds will be allocated for a popular demand service. Vested members will also get 10% for allowing us to share their information with or affiliates and partners when they sign for the services with XM Our entire system pays 10% for referrals. Vested members will be able to purchase digital real estate through H-TEQ INT. This trust was created to support the future of members and their children as they continue to develop and move into the future strong and aware of their possibilities. We are H-TEQ INT Where Past and Future Meet


Although it is our intention to honor all member trust benefits, all or part, will be based on participation, the trust will grow as long as we have community participation. All loan guarantees will be subject to review at time of request when a request is granted the member will receive a trust certificate, they will take to an affiliate bank, member must have an income.

  • Pleasantville, New Jersey, United States

La Conexion for Spanish speaking members of H-TEQ INT Brand XM we are La Conexion for your children and young adults we are the only company in the world that will invest into your future. Join today built your tomorrow, your future is what you make it today. Benefits: Mortgage, Auto, Travel, Banking, Credit, Housing, Jobs, Trade schools, Trust account And More 

Community Wealth Management Group:

"Wealth and Prosperity cannot be gain managed or controlled without ownership" H-TEQ INT 2020

Our community-based wealth management offices including the office managing wealth building services, Atlantic city Investment group, La Conexion, After40inc, Heavenly voices, Kkids media, Cyber Kid Network, Constant companion, Seafood Grille, Clean Zone Car, Community Training Center and Trades, Member Trust, BXM Today magazine and the Product storage Dock.

Apps: The Good Stuff App

Apps: LQ & Trees

Apps: Rides

Apps: BXM1.8

Available On Roku, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon,

BXM World International Travel to Africa. Africa American Connection Facebook, The most beautiful cities in the world Lagos once the capital Of Nigeria 23.5 million www.priceline.com www.booking.com www.cheaptickets.com

 Pictured below some of the historic sites. 

LAGOS NIGERIA 2024 H-TEQ INT Brand XM We will also travel to Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya and more Africa.

BXM Today:​​​​ Live photo digital magazine for generation X and the millennials featuring stories, fashion, education, travel, natural beauty tips, makeup, health and fitness, social media, world news, young leaders, jobs listings.


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