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We are H-TEQ INT Brand XM Products and services of generation X the millennials and Gen Z we are the only company in the world created to support the development and growth of generation x millennials and Gen Z the only company that invest only into these three groups. we offer a membership we call the constant companion this membership can be excessed through your cell phone or any other device that allows network excess. The constant companion member is 39.99 and creates one-member trust accounts these accounts vest in 18 months. The membership will provide agency in all areas mentioned on the site as new services become available agency will be extended to those services. H-TEQ does not spend millions of dollars per year on marketing because our members promote the company for 10% finders' fees for all referrals signed up. The referral fee will be payable 30 days after the new member signs up and end 30 days after the membership is cancelled. Any member that can bring 10 referrals their membership will be at no cost as long as the membership is active.  Definitions: Agency: "Represents your interest"  

Members will have excess to all shows hosted by Mr. Robinson and the other show host, any paid event members will receive 20% discounts, all members in good standing will be entered into a prize contest whenever they attend live shows or events. we will offer other contest with many ways to win at our live events for members non-members will have special incentives for attending our live productions. We will offer 1 day, and 3 day passes for non-members when a non-member is on the platform H-TEQ INT will provide agency, non-members will not be in trust. Members will have discount professional services as services come available members will be notified by email or text, H-TEQ INT is also a media company members can sign up for our streaming services at a 15% discount all of the membership discounts can be at time of purchase or maybe held on account for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and will gain interest.

All level Memberships have a 60-day money back guarantee less the 15% finder's fee if applicable any member that cancels their membership will forfeit their finders' fees after 30 days.
H-TEQ INT The only membership in the world where you go from member to owner in 18 months. Own you future join H-TEQ INT